This new remodeling project will include the construction of a new 37-storey residential building, a 12-storey residential building and two 3-storey semi-detached housing blocks.

Metro Park Condos will add up to 552 new units in one, two and three bedroom units designed to accommodate growing families.

This new sophisticated community will feature modern and contemporary designs that will enhance the community and the quality of life for its residents. In addition to more than 45,725 square meters of residential space, the development will also provide 1,250 square meters of interior space and more than 1,150 square meters of outdoor amenity space, as well as a new 1,115 square meter public park.


DBS Development aims to continue building homes that deliver exceptional quality and have positive impacts on communities, contributing to the growth of the Greater Toronto Area.

Beginning with Gonte Construction, David Salomon created a culture that has continued over three generations. DBS has continued with these development operations including project design, construction and customer care.

DBS has been building communities for over 50 years. Founded on the values ​​of providing quality homes with excellent service and care to individuals and families, DBS has grown into a fully integrated real estate development company serving the Greater Toronto Area.